If you’re a college student, Phone is Love, and Phone is life. We’re so attached to our phones, that we even get phone related body problems, like Texting Thumb syndrome, or Bending Neck syndrome. Whether you like it or not, we have all succumbed to the use of mobile phones that in fact, not a day goes by without it. However, who said that it’s a bad thing? Our phones are extensions of ourselves, making us appear less dumb when confronted with something unknown (God Bless Wikipedia, Google and Web Dictionaries)

We have all heard of the major Mainstream social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, and utilitarian sharing Apps like Google Drive, Dropbox and Shareit.

However, there are several apps out there that save you, in your Crusade for simplicity in life, and making Mundane Tasks much more Simple, which will probably have you thinking you were playing the smartphone game all wrong.


Being a college kid isn’t like stealing candy from a Baby. Life gives us a hard time, and sometimes, so do our phones.Remember that time when you were allowed to take down notes from a presentation, but it was just too illegible because you have a blurry camera?Fear not. Camscanner is essentially a Scanner app that works like Mint, on your phone camera.You can scan text off a sheet, convert photos into a pdf document, and even enhance them to make it a lot more legible. It has a simple and easy to use interface, and works well even with not-so-well-endowed devices.




If one teacher can’t teach all the subjects how can one student learn all 5 of them?

Chances are, as a college student, since you have so much to do and think about, you’ll probably forget to bring that one last item on your list when you go shopping, Who you lent those 100 bucks to, what you planned to do today, and probably even forget that one Revolutionary idea that struck when you were on the Bus. Among all this, if you feel a little Sketchy, Evernote gives you an option to sketch as well. What’s the best part? It’s all synced on the cloud!




Did you ever try hearing the same song over and over again, just to know the Lyrics? Musixmatch provides a seamless interface for the same. It can even be made into a player to play your songs. It pops like a bubble all by itself and can be removed from the screen and brought back from the Notification bar.

It also has another added feature that allows you to recognize songs you don’t know just by listening to it. However since it is not its primary Function, it is Superseeded by its competition, Namely Soundhound and Shazam.




Link Bubble Browser

If you’re a college student you know one thing for sure. You’ve NEVER got time.So, basically, your biggest enemy is either a Slow Internet Connection, or a Laggy phone.

But here’s a clever way to Overcome that!




Link bubble browser brings a unique interface, that gives you the next level of multitasking.

Instead of having to abandon your current task to overcome a link, Link bubble browser opens your link up in, well, a Bubble. This still allows you to do continue what you were doing while the link loads the web page in the Background. How cool is that?

If you want a dedicated browser, However, you can Use Opera Mini which compresses the data used, and gives you blazing fast loading of webpages even with slow Internet, or when you’re on the Brink of your Data Plan, or you could also use UC Browser for Very fast downloads.



Not a lot of us have nice Earphones, or Nice Music hardware, or maybe even a Nice Music player. The best way around this is to Chuck that Stock player and get yourself Poweramp player. It comes with a lot of EQ options, Effects and adjustments, and in certain modes, even helps exceed the max volume you thought your phone had.



Nova Launcher

Lag is the Biggest Social evil. Some of our phones come with extremely Bloated Home Screen apps. Maybe if you’re not even satisfied with your interface, you can overhaul it and replace it with another Launcher app.

Nova launcher is the King of customization and stands up for that added Oomph of customization that android is So very well known for.





If you’re accustomed to checking out Articles, reviews, and other news, you would have heard of RSS feeds. All your stream of news, tips and tricks, reviews and articles in one place, and notifications on every update.

Feedly is the King of RSS feed.


However, if you’re looking for a fast way to access only your news, you can check out Inshorts, an App that gives you the Gist of all major news in just 60 words each.



We’ve all been guilty of Formatting our phones, or in fact Not formatting our phones, just because Backing up was just a mountain of a task to accomplish. With Helium, say Bye to all that. It works well with a lightweight interface and minimalistic, to-the-point options.



Microsoft Office Mobile

e-Books. The best thing to happen to digital studies. It’s the best way to always be on top of your studies and simplifies the mountain of a task of going through actual pages and lugging big, heavy books around.

Remember when you had to make that Presentation for assessment, but you didn’t get your laptop? Fret not, because now you can create and edit documents on the go using Microsoft Office Mobile. Additionally, if you’re Frequently editing Office documents on the Go, it is a Crime to not have this



Autodesk Pixlr

Ah! Those wonderous Selfies. How many we click, and how many we delete. But then, not all selfies turn out all that great, and sometimes those pictures you take just HAS to have a filter on it before you upload it on your Profile.



If Photoshop is not your thing, you can go for Autodesk Pixlr, which is an Intensive photo editing app that helps adjust almost every aspect of your Photos.

There’s also a lighter and simpler version of the app called Pixlr Express, which essentially does the same job, and just as well.

If you want an even simpler app, however, but with just as much Punch, you can use Snapseed by Google.