While it is common for people to travel around the world during the year, it is more common to confront a stomach disorder. Eating and drinking something that your stomach isn’t accustomed to is the main reason for a troublesome bathroom day. It necessarily not that your home food is healthier than the one abroad.

Man drinking water

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Follow some of these precautions and you might as well save plenty of time from running to your toilet.

  • Water-borne illness is the most common source as the bacteria contained in them would be immune to the natives, not to the foreigners. Always drink Bottled water.
  • Unsealed mayonnaise and cheese may be home to rampant bacteria.
  • As fish is notorious for accumulating contaminants, Seafood often causes a troublesome stomach. Therefore, fish organs are to be limited and also smaller fish tend to be safer.
  • Nuts and shelled food often prove to be safer.
  • While dining out, make sure to visit a crowded place as busy restaurants usually cook fresh and clean food.
  • For the Veggies, what you consider to be meat may be part of their staple diet. Therefore, always make sure to confirm before you forge on them.
  • Coffee and tea taken black prove to eliminate the potential contamination in milk. Cream from sealed containers proves to be safe.

While it’s important to take precautions, it also tends to be a smarter choice to carry a phrasebook with the local translations as an additional help. It’s fun to be travelling around, but it is less fun when you are to spend your entire day in the toilet.

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