Carpet tiles, Carpet Squares, Modular Carpet. Call it anyway you want to, it is the revolutionary product that can kick the old carpet rolls out of the park. Times have changed when it was difficult to get men to install carpets, clean them when soda spills over, looked dingy in high traffic areas.

Carpet tiles are a flexible carpet solution as it allows easy access to the floor underneath. So, next time you want to fix the underground cables, you need not tear out the entire carpet roll nor remove the tiles.




Types of carpet tiles


Much like the old carpet rolls, carpet tiles too are made from similar raw materials except for the recent innovations in synthetic materials. The types given below are the three most widely used materials among many others.

[learn_more caption=”1. Wool” state=”open”] Everyone loves wool underneath their feet. The look and feel of wool are the reasons why people usually prefer carpets in general. Wool is naturally dirt-repellent, fire-retardant and resilient and offers good insulation performance and moisture regulation. It does pose a slight inconvenience when something is spilled over [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”2. Polypropylene” state=”open”] Yes. It is synthetic; that’s how it is resistant to Bleach and has antibacterial properties. It absorbs very less water and also it is economical. It is not very far off from wool in terms of its look and feel. The only concern is the limited availability of varieties in this material. [/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”3. Nylon” state=”open”] Another Synthetic material which is wear and fire resistant, easy to clean and have excellent self-repairing properties. This is completely baby-proof.[/learn_more]

Why would you choose Carpet Tiles over Hard Flooring?

  • Improved interior climate and air quality as it absorbs dust particles in the room.
  • If you’re old and scared, worry not as it reduces the risks of slipping.
  • The soft surface is kind to your joints and it is a relief for people with arthritis
  • It blends in with every room in the house.
  • Can be combined almost infinitely to produce unlimited collection of patterns, textures and colours.So if you are tired of the same old indoor floor tiles and are ready for a change, I’d say It’s a thumbs up from us.