Yes. you heard it right. But how does an odourless, colourless liquid reduce our weight?

Nutritionist Jennifer Cassetta explains how this is possible. As our body is nearly 70% made up of water, it is essential to have proper intake of water to limit to foreign toxins to occupy majority of mass.

In her video, she shares various tips on the various benefits of water.


Not only that it is widely available, it is one of the easiest to consume. If you feel carrying around a bottle is embarassing, take it from me that you’ll find more people borrowing water from you than looking at you weirdly. So it is also important to carry an extra bottle of water. At the end of the day, aren’t you gonna feel good about helping others as well?

Also, note that for an average human being of 70 Kgs weight, you’ll have to consume upto 3 litres a day atleast.

Add “weight-loss” to the list of all the other benefits of water that we’ve heard and known.

Happy Drinking 🙂