Without beating around the bush, Alcohol does have an effect on your weight gain. Before you start regretting the last night’s party, alcohol intake both positively and negatively affect your weight loss plan.

rookie-tip          Weight loss is actually calorie breakdown. A glass of wine has about 150 calories just the same as a glass of grape juice.


According to long term studies published in  Archives of Internal Medicine and International Journal of Obesity, women who moderately drank are in a better shape than women who didn’t consume at all. Moderate drinkers tend to compensate for the occasional drinks by taking in fewer calories from other sources.

Alcohol does pump in calories to your body and if your regular calorie intake from other sources on drinking days isn’t controlled, then it might shoot a problem. It’s not the alcohol itself that packs on the pounds, but the late-night burgers and fries runs that often come along with it.

How do we control?

  • Eat right while you’re drinking. Refrain from having oily and junk food.
  • Some drinks make you hungrier. Simpler the cocktail, better it is.
  • Stick to only a couple of drinks (not only does it prevent you from overly eating, it also is healthy in the long term)
  • As if the starvation while drinking wasn’t enough, the following morning possess extreme cravings.

Therefore, categorize your drinking days depending on the consumption and occasion and plan your diet accordingly because alcohol alone does not pose much of a threat to your diet plan.


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