Well the idea of eating weed would be completely different from the habit of plucking them out, but think about it. It is one of the most sustainable and natural food sources you can find and it is abundant.

You might be surprised to see why you must give foraging a try.

Nutritious – It might look ugly on your lawn, but on a closer look it does no harm other than stealing water and nutrients from your flora. They are rich in phytonutrients and vitamins. While the produce at your local market is full of vitamins and nutrients, wild foods are far denser and more potent to your health. The benefits are increased amounts of enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and fibre. They help boost the immune system, maintain the correct pH balance in the body, cleanse our inner organs and are a complete, easily digestible superfood

Toxic-Free Apples and Oranges in your grocery store, don’t they look absolutely eye-grabbing? You need not be informed of the pesticides and enhancers injected in them. On the other hand, weeds are completely natural and void of any sort of toxin.

Zero Expense  Not surprising. You can take a walk in the park and always find a good number of weed. Also, you can always find different recipes with weed, need not restrict to the raw availables.

No Care Required – Weeds can survive on extreme conditions and no special care to be given. In a time where water scarcity is the trending topic, sticking to something that requires zero water seems to be a good trend to follow.

Sure, you cannot eat all types of weeds, just like you cannot eat all sorts of wild fruits. Here is a closer look at the edible weeds at JULIA’S STORE.



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