India is the spice capital of the world, and, in fact, we loud our food filled with all sorts or flavor spice and everything nice.

Indians are world renown for two things,

  • the fact that we invented the numeric system, and the Zero, and
  • the fact that our tolerance for plain, tasteless Food is Zero

Our styles of food, is as diverse as our cultures, and we love our varied kinds of our food, wherever it originates from, and however different it is, from our own. In fact, we end up liking foods that are foreign and rare to us. So. Being an Indian, it is almost Understood that you would have tried out all the varied varieties there is, no matter what you like the most.

So here are 10 Must try Local Dishes of the various topographies of our Rich Culture of a Nation:



This is Your typical day in a south Indian Restaurant. This is the typical breakfast cuisine of South Indians, and has a Different Taste or method of preparation in Each state/region.

These dishes are served with any Chutney(s) be it coconut based, Mint based or Tomato based or also with Sambhar

dosaThere are various Adaptations of each dish and hence, also different tastes to it they also come in different shapes and sizes.






[box] In case of a bad stomach, these are safe foods as they are boiled while prepared and consist of minimal ingredients[/box]



Rice being the staple food of South India, these consist of a major part of rice, along with other ingredients.

Whatever it is, They look Yum!


Fish curry/fry

Another coastal delicacy is, of course, sea food. Fried fish or Fish curry is among one of the tasty treats from the sea.


They come in different forms too, and the curry base varies with each area.

They are either roasted as the full fish, or as boneless chunks of meat, or nuggets. Either ways, served with Dal(thick Lentil Soup) and Rice, they will swim the blues out of anybody.



Akki Rotti/Raagi Mudde

This is a Karnataka Special. Since the staple diet includes Ragi and Rice, these dishes feature the same.

Akki rotti is essentially a Pan based bread made of rice flour that’s served with either chutneys, or gravies of Brinjal or Green Lentil, or even simply, with just some sort of pickle. It is laden with Onions, herbs and sometimes with the added taste or Cow Pea (Avarekaalu)



Ragi Mudde is another traditional Karnataka Delicacy. It is a ball with a base ingredient Finger Millet and it is served with a spicy soup of lentil or with a thick, South Indian mutton or chicken curry. It is generally very filling and is served with Ghee.




Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani

If you are a meat lover, or from anywhere in India, this is something you definitely cannot miss. It is a rice meal cooked with either Meat or Vegetables, and topped with Ghee roasted Onions, and served with a Light gravy. It is cooked in a large metal vessel, with all the Indian spices there is.

One cannot also forget Sides of Tandoori Dishes and Kebabs.

There are many spin-offs of the same dish, but none quite matches the sheer amount and taste of the ones that are available in Hyderabad, and Military-Hotels.



A thali Meal

A Traditional Gujarati or Rajasthani thali meal, is a feat to finish. With more variety than one can keep count, it is laden with deep fried, and ghee-filled goodness.

thali thali2



From a glass of cold juice, a half a dozen starters, and various variety of breads, gravies, curd, and some sweets to end it on a sweet note, but beware, this is not for the faint hearted!


Punjabi Chole/Paratha

Punjabis are known for their passion in whatever they do. But they do not compromise on one thing. Their ghee and butter filled dishes, sweets, Parathas, and their most famous dish, The Chole, and their Sarsoon ka Saag.




Delhi/Mumbai Chat

The streets of Metropolitans, Mumbai and Delhi are laden with food carts and Lemon soda carts. The chats here are plenty in variety, and in order for one to get a feel, one must try them all. There’s something for everybody. Sweet, Spicy, Cold, Hot, Sour, and Spicy.

chatMumbai-Pav-Bhaji-1-4 vada-pav






Momos are rice dumplings filled with a schezwan style of filling. It is either filled with fried/roasted vegetables or meat.

Momos are either steam cooked, fried, or fried and cut up into pieces and made into a ‘Chat’. They are served with hot chili sauce, or a light and spicy gravy or sauce.




Bengali Sweets

Bengalis are known for their sweet nature, and their Sweet Meats just go to prove how much. With an overload of Sugar, Almonds, saffron, and thick cream fillings, one must try them all!




Kheema & Haleem

Kheema is a mutton based dish that can be eaten as it is, or with flat slices of bread from the oven/pan.

Haleem is a pista based chicken dish, with the consistency of cream. These are very famous and easily available during the Muslim Festivals of Ramzan and Eid.

hasleem kheema



So, try them all, and satisfy your taste buds like never before!