Even if you aren’t a smart phone buff, the iPhone 6s, Nexus 6p and the S6 edge+ aren’t foreign to your ears.

These are, in fact the Big Guns, and the best of the best Phablets Money can buy.

So, apart from getting down to business and all technical, what does it really mean to the majority of us? Read more to find out!


[box] GENERAL[/box]

What these phones are abundant with is in fact, a surplus and an absolute madness of Technology crammed into a palm-sized Metallic Shell.




All the 3 phones run on a Nano-Sized SIM Card, and support LTE, or in other words, 4G Internet connectivity, which boasts speed of a minimum of 5-12 MBps (Megabytes per second), and in the due course of time, with the easier availability of setting up of proper infrastructure, upwards of 50 MBs per second.

Even at its slowest, that roughly translates to the fact that you will be able to download 3 songs per second, and an entire movie in just over 2 minutes.


That’s ridiculously fast!





Additionally, all 3 of them come with a fingerprint sensor, which means you can keep your phone secure to its highest extent possible without the threat of people tapping into your sensitive information, or just keeping your phone safe when stolen or even safe from abuse.



They are also equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth Connectivity, version 4.2 as well as NFC(Near Field Communication)



What this basically means, is that you can transfer things from your phone to another one (That is NFC Capable) by just placing them back to back.

Connect with nearby devices and execute functions wirelessly, and also features like scanning tags and using your virtual Wallet, tapping your phone on a card reader so that you can perform transactions fast and simple. If you’re worried about Security, these are pretty safe and certified by major Reputed Companies.



Considering the price bracket these phones fall under, they offer a premium feel, which is more than a deserving necessity.


[box] THE BODY[/box]

The iPhone comes with an Aluminium body (of the highest 7000 series Aluminium, which is used in making Aircraft) and an Ion-Exchange Strengthened glass in the front, that is harder than all previous generations of Glass available on the iPhone, and quoted by Apple to be “stronger at a molecular level and the most durable in the smartphone industry”. It also comes in a Very special Rose Gold color, apart from the usual Gold and Silver.

The Nexus too comes with an aluminum shell, but it is bevelled with contours in all the right places, with a Biometric(or Finger Print Sensor) about a third of the way from the top, keeping the placement convenient, almost at the default location of the index while using the phone. A bulge at the top with a glass window houses the Camera, Flash and other related sensors.

Surprisingly, though Samsung is known to conservative on the materials used, they don’t seem to hold back, and have given the S6 Edge+, a Sturdy aluminum Shell, and of course, one can’t miss the Eye-Catching design of Curved glass that manages to house the Much-Hyped Curved screen.



[box] DISPLAY[/box]

All of these phones come with LED displays, which are not only brighter, but run cooler, consume lesser charge, and allow for 16 Million colors. That’s more than what The Average Human can even comprehend.




The iPhone is in fact the smallest of the lot, with it’s 4.7” IPS LCD (measure diagonally) whereas the Nexus and the Samsung have it tied at 5.7” AMOLED. The Samsung, however, with it’s “Super” AMOLED is a little Garish, but also Vibrant compared to the other LCD displays available on other phones in the segment.  This is also much more required, with the bent screen causing a lot more fingerprints, shine and reflection.




Imagine a large burger squeezed down to barely half its size. That’s exactly the effect of Screen Clarity. This is measured in Pixels per Inch, and while the Nexus and Samsung again, are Even at 518, the iPhone manages with 326 and looks a little dull and faded compared to the competition, but, Being Apple, it is not to be underestimated, and still does relatively well.



[box] CAMERA[/box]

The Nexus franchise by Google has been made to showcase what Android can do, so this time Google has Huawei Producing their Nexus series, and The Nexus comes with a Crystal Clear 12.3 Megapixel camera in the rear and an astonishing 8MP camera in the front that gives amazing clarity for selfies, even in the Dullest of lighting.



The Samsung S6 Edge+ comes with a Fine 16MP Optically Stabilised camera that has a Wide Array of shooting modes and features, and is reviewed to be among the Best in the Smartphone industry at the Moment.

The front 5MP camera takes decent selfies and comes with Samsung’s “Beauty” feature enabled, which can be turned On or Off,




Apple is not one that bows down to social convention. Although they have upgraded the camera to 12MP from the iPhone 6’s 8MP, it still does not match up to the rest of the competition in Numbers.

But there’s more to A Camera than The numbers. The 12MP iSight Camera shoots Razor sharp pictures with a Smart and Fast Auto-Focus, which are visually Higher In resolution even to the naked eye. It’s also capable of Shooting 4K Video (4 Times higher resolution than 1080p, or HD) and Apple’s new ‘Live Photos’ Feature, which takes a 1.5 second ‘Photo’.

The Front facing Camera is still 5MP but makes do with a newer Sensor that gives clearer photos. Another new feature is that it Makes the Front screen into a Flash, illuminating your selfies.





[box] TECHNICAL[/box]


iPhone 6S Nexus 6P Samsung S6 Edge+
Processor 3rd Gen A9 2.2Ghz Snapdragon 810 Exynos 7420
Processor type Dual(2) Core 64-Bit Octa(8) Core 64-Bit Octa(8) Core 64-Bit
Processor Speed 2.2 Ghz 1.55+2 Ghz 2.1+1.5 Ghz
RAM 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB


The Nexus and The Samsung are Hardcore Octa-Core processors, that make use of two Quad Cores.

[learn_more caption=”What does it mean?” state=”open”] In simple words, 1 person doing all the work is replaced by 8 smaller sub-people or lesser work doing people. Smart algorithms used on the 2 devices (smart.LITTLE technology by ARM) help with effective utilization and using Fewer number of cores to increase battery life and cause lesser Heat Build-up when not in full use.[/learn_more]

The iPhone, however, makes do with just 2 cores. But since the Operating system it uses is exclusively built by them, and for a selected range of models, it makes optimum usage of the Cores, well enough to create a lag-less and seamless interface, for now and a long time to come.


[box] USER INTERFACE[/box]


The other thing to note is that the Nexus franchise, being made in partnership with the parent Google, is always the first one to get Software Updates.

The Nexus 6P comes out of the box featuring Android Version 6.0, a.k.a. Marshmallow.

What it means to you:

  • Loads of bundled features and customizations.p11
  • Better battery life.
  • Polished user interface.
  • Greater control over your device and its features.
  • Google Powered assistant on your phone, called as “Now on Tap”.
  • Power saving Doze feature and App Standby which controls battery life while not being used, giving up to 20% more battery life on the same device.

Now On Tap learns information based on your usage and personal details, scans your screen, to suggest searches and information based on your screen content, making your phone more than just a device, into an Added convenience and making it a breeze, to use your phone.



The Samsung however, makes do with a customised Default Android with a skin of its own interface called TouchWIZ. It uses Android 5.1(Lollipop) which is older but still relatively new, with a host of nice features:

  • A Dual-Window mode that allows you to open a couple of apps in a 50-50 split.p12
  • A multi-tasking facility, that helps you interact between two apps, like dragging photos into your email.
  • A smaller window mode, that reduces the effective screen size for One Handed Use.
  • A swipable column of top 5 Contacts and top 5 Apps (Apps Edge/People Edge)




This makes for a slightly custom User Interface which is purely subjective.


It is Gimmicky and since the phone is Pricey, in case of dropping it, repairs and replacement will be, too.

You can customize what shows up in the bezel of the screen, and there is a code built in to the device, that prevents accidentally touching the screen because of the way it is held in your hand.

You can also use The S6 edge plus as a night clock, when it’s placed upside down, which also doubles as a Notification Light.






The iPhone has several tricks up its sleeve as well. The screen has a pressure sensor, which brings a life-like feel to your usage. It is nicknamed as “3D touch”, which brings with it, several Exclusive features, like:


  • Peek and pop, which allows you to partially view on links, pictures and Emails by applying pressure on that p14spot of the screen.
  • Getting varying thickness of lines while drawing by changing the pressure applied on the screen.
  • Opening modes in an application by just applying pressure on the App Icon.
  • Hard Pressing on the keyboard converts your keyboard into a trackpad, which you can use to control the position of the cursor on the screen.

The iPhone also comes with it’s own voice assistant called Siri, which has been a breakthrough and has improved over the update of iOS 9.







The Nexus comes with the first of it’s kind Charging port, or a USB-C port.



Like the lightning port on the iPhone, this offers faster speeds for connecting your phone to the computer, and also the added advantage that the cable can be flipped and plugged in either way.




p16The Samsung, However, comes with a USB 2.0 port that is one directional, however comes with a fast charging feature that supposedly charges from zero to full, in 90 Minutes, and also comes with a wireless charging option.

The Samsung also comes with a Wireless sync facility with your computer as well as your television, where you can either view media or pick up calls and answer messages.

Apple, on the other hand has integrated all this into the iPhone from a long time now, so you can use Apple TV, Airplay and Wireless iTunes syncing, all with just your Wi-Fi network.


[box] VERDICT[/box]

To complement your divine Phablets, you can even get yourself a Moto 360, an Apple Watch, or Samsung Gear, which are essentially Smart Watches that complement the features of your phone, and also add just that little more of convenience into your smart life.

In the end, it all comes down to how much you are planning to shell out, since all these Come in at a Hefty Price tag.

It definitely is the BATTLE OF THE BEST