We’re all on a rat race these days. We don’t have the time to read Headlines, let alone, a complete newspaper article. We want to make it big in life. To be able to buy what we like, and live the lifestyle that we always dreamed about.

Seldom thinking about the fact that Health, is eventually, Wealth!

Not everyone has the ability to run a marathon every day, and when it comes down to Bone structure and Physique, not everyone can.
In fact, studies have shown that all that one needs, to stay fit, is close to a Mile of running, or a couple, of brisk walking.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

While this might be the most obvious fact to state, staying away from Fast and Fried foods adds many years to your life, as well as a better sense of self. when you fill yourself with less fatty and greasy foods, you feel more fresh, lively and active.
Stick to a High fiber Diet, and refrain from Snacking. Try to reduce your Dairy intake, and use less sugar. Doing this for weeks straight gets you used to it, and you won’t feel like it’s a mountain of a task anymore. Choose more Raw and lightly cooked foods over fried, baked canned and processed foods.

Drink Up

Drinking water

The most ignored of them all.
Start your day with 2 full glasses of water. Have a couple before eating and a couple when you’re done. This tricks your mind to think that you’ve actually eaten to your heart’s content. Water also dilates the blood, which helps with better circulation and Metabolism. It also keeps your body fresh and gets rid of toxins much quicker.
But be prepared to make the Loo your second Home.

Eat from a Smaller Plate

Eat from a smaller plate

Eating from a smaller plate makes the same food, which might seem scarce on a larger plate, much more filling, on a smaller plate. You waste lesser food, and of course, eat lesser, yet feel way more satisfied.

Bean’s the Scene

Dark chocolate

Eat loads of chocolate.
Confused? Yes you read that right. Dark chocolate is known to curb cravings and increase the rate of Body Fat Breakdown. But do make sure this chocolate has more cocoa than Milk and sugar. It’s a craving gone bitter, but way more healthy and Satisfying.
If you’re a coffee person, try limiting your number of cups, as this reduces your Dairy and Sugar intake. Also, take your coffee strategically. Shift your cup to as late as possible, to make the most use of all that Caffeine Goodness. While caffeine will help you lose weight, it does inhibit Muscle growth, and as always, too much, is too bad.


Staying active

Staying active is key to your health. Try taking the stairs today, instead of the lift. and when you get a bum sore from sitting all day, take a small walk, to stretch your muscles and get that blood flowing throughout. Sitting reduces insulin production, slows brain down due to lack of Oxygen supply, decreases content of Good cholesterol, increases risk of heart disease, and infact cuts years off your lifetime. A rule of thumb says that you should not sit for more than 23 hours a week, so, get moving!

High times


While alcohol isn’t the healthiest substance known to Mankind, a glass of wine or a sip of it, once in a while does more good than harm. Alcohol causes production of Methanol in the liver, which causes erosion of the stored fats, and a standard rule says about 90ml of alcohol a week is supposed to be a healthy dose for the body.

Wash it all away

cold showers

Replace those long hot showers with shorter, cold water showers. These lower your body temperature and improve blood circulation. They also help you lose fat.

Track yourself

Fitness Tracker image

With the availability of Fitness devices and trackers, one as all the motivation these days, to stay fit. Start with 2500 steps a day, which roughly translates to 30-45 minutes of walking, based on your Height.
Now, once you can do that, go to a 5000 steps target, and keep cranking that number higher. Although this might be, but a small difference, when you consider the 16 Hours that one is Usually awake, it makes a huge difference to Your health.