There is definitely a lot of buzz in town regarding, free basics, net neutrality, blah blah blah. What exactly is Net Neutrality?

It simply means traffic in the internet is given equal priority. If that is vague, here’s how you’ll understand better. Has your telephone company ever prevented yourself from speaking some specific topics or do the rich ones get 5 star call quality, while you get only 2 star call quality. Absolutely not.  The same way, the email you send to your grandmom and the ones sent from the Silicon Valley transfer at the same pace. This is net neutrality.


Data travels in the form of “packets”. When you download something, data is broken into “packets” and it finds the shortest route to your computer.


Internet Service Providers would absolutely love to give faster access to the rich folks and slower access to the normal ones. For example, if a major website wants to get its content faster to the user, it could pay the ISPs, whereas the small players in the same industry get stuck to the slower pace as they cannot afford to pay the ISPs.

In short, big MNCs would pay for faster transfer of their data with the customers and customers of smaller players get slower connectivity. Obviously, customers shift from slow connectivity to faster connectivity (big players), thereby eliminating a healthy market competition.

On one side, eliminating net neutrality would let you have faster connectivity from the major websites. On the other side, you would not be seeing many start-ups surviving if the neutrality is compromised.

Which side are you on?


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