Curtains are inevitable(Or, are they?).

Ugly, flashy, cotton, Synthetic, we’ve seen them all. Choosing curtains. If you’ve been there, you know how frustrating it is. Colours, shades, patterns and types. Sometimes you don’t even want to close your windows, but you buy your set of pretty little drapes anyways.

At the end of the day, they give you privacy, shutting out excess daylight, and accumulate a lot of dust, and become a massive pain to clean, anyways.

So here are 6 alternatives to CurTain your Daylight:



Frosted Glass blocks out a lot of light. With frosted glass, you have the added advantage of keeping your house well lit without having to switch on your lights. Frosted Glass can be either found as glass sheets that can be boxed in certain places of the House, or as a film or spray to convert your transparent sheets to dull or translucent.
You can even apply some Tissue and Corn Starch to give the same effect!




Banner Me crazy

Yes, you can also print some Banner or a little line to look at, to brighten up every day, or you can print out a little poster to stick up on the window.




It’s just your Frame of Mind


Sometimes all you need is a little ingenuity and a little colour! Get your Art on and just repaint them or Frame them up to look like a live Photo Frame.



Seek and Yee shall Blind

Blinds come in all Shapes, sizes, Material and Orientation. So now you’ll look cooler while you slowly dim your exterior light, setting the mood for your lovely date, or wooing your Guests while the Rollers roll away.


blinds cat





Now your Cat will look a lot more Deceptive while It’s spying on you and your date. (Pack a little more Kitty treats while you’re at it)







Create and Decorate

If you’re talented with Crafts, get your Art on and Make a few Hanging Creations, depending on your mood, or depending on your room. Not all Windows are to be closed, but doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be toys and Eye candy to your little ones, or your creations to the talk of the Day when you Flaunt your creativity!




Wrap it

Translucent Plastic Mesh screens on Window panes block up to 30% of light. So you just might Skip the headache of drilling your wall, and just stick them on the glass, with the best of both worlds.