Wonderful Saturday morning! Who does not like to get their buddies in the car and drive down the countryside for a weekend getaway?

Here is a checklist to maintain the romance while minimizing the rigors of the road.

  • Choose your Trip Buddies wisely. You wouldn’t wanna take a pee break every hour nor wanna listen to Miley Cyrus throughout the journey.
  • Division of labour – Be it finding routes, making the snack or taking the wheel. Make sure you get everyone to do everything.
  • Get your gadgets right. Wanna talk to your mom? Wanna email your boss or do you wanna get an ear pounding speaker along?
  • Calculate your travel expenses beforehand. Fuel expenses being the easiest to calculate, keep in mind your food and entertainment expenses. You don’t wanna call out your dad in the middle of the journey.
  • Overall Checkup. Carry an extra spanner or anything that aids a quick-fix
  • Trunk Basics- bottled water, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, reflectors/flares and even an extra pair of clothes.
  • Emergency Contact- find the local emergency contact numbers including cops, fire and repair men
  • Know your route. Maps, GPS and of course pre-planning.
  • Feed the flesh – Carry some of these on-the-move munchies
    • Bottled water and Juice boxes
    • Bread spreads
    • Hard-boiled eggs
    • Cut veggies
  • Anticipate trouble spots. Could be the troublesome neighbourhood or jam-packed highways.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN. Yourself and your ride.


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