How’d you feel if you saw a street light on in the midst of noon?
Queer, right?

It’s a mistake we’ve been doing all our lives.

Solar power has a huge potential. So, apart from boiling your bath water and generating electricity, it can even light up your home without all the hassle involved in between.

Use solar lighting to light up your house naturally, as long as sunlight is still out there!

While a lot of windows can be prone to breakage, mischief, a lack of sense of privacy and a greenhouse effect, strategic placement of glass panes can only go well, with a picturesque view and bringing in crucial amounts of light.

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Using Glass blocks, you can obtain diffused lighting while having a wall decoration and a flowing texture on your lighting.

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You can use these on roofs, walls and corners and make the most use that that morning glow.images (17)

Sky lights can be even created by placing sheets of diffused glass on the roof with some metal rods and frames.images (20)

Using a metal or wooden fabricated structure you can even create the effect of light slits entering the room.

Solar WIndows

Since roofs are the highest point of the house and hot air rises up, having a slant window facing east could aid in boosting air circulation while still giving you your dose of indirect Vitamin D.

roof window