When the world is turning environment – friendly, there’s an unspoken need for you to move ahead as well. We’ll discuss what you do and do not know about solar panels for your homes.

What do you get out of installing solar panel on your home?

  • Satisfaction of contributing to a bigger cause (Yes. Non-monetary)
  • Increases the Market value of your house
  • Long term cost reductions.
  • Does not require a plethora of sunlight.
  • When you have high energy consuming devices (Multiple AC, Washing Machines) you can always couple solar energy with your regular electricity. Hence NO Voltage variations.

Things to consider before installing?

  • Your electrical devices should be energy efficient for maximum benefits of solar energy. ( CFL/LED instead of incandescent bulbs)
  • Area available on your roof. It cannot be fit into any nook and corner of your roof.
  • Buy, Lease or Rent Solar panels. We’d prefer leasing them as buying one would take a lot of capital expenditure(can be written off in the long run)
  • Initial Cost of installation ranges from 40,000-6,00,000 INR depending on the size if your house.

Moreover, as the global focus shifted to clean energy, it is just a matter of time that the prices of these panels come down.


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