Pillows have a comforting effect on our bottoms as much as our torso. Otherwise you wouldn’t have had the saying “Cushion your fall”. The main objective of having a cushion is to support and alleviate pain or strain.

Pillows come in all Shapes and Sizes, Colours and Designs, Form and Purpose.  However they’re also an effective tool to complement the theme of a room, or add that little punch, if you will. Here are a few ways you can sPill some mood and spread some Aura into your Cosy Den.



Sometimes, the more, the Merrier. You can add pillows onto your sofa or swing. Adding more pillows give a more sense of fullness or completion, and makes your couch look bigger than it is. You can add pillows with contrasting Hues to complement the shade, and vary them in size, depending on where they’re placed.



[box] Just don’t put too many and go Overkill, or else you might find it hard for your pet or your children (Or maybe yourself) to come out of your sweet little hiding spot of a fort![/box]


Stick with a Theme

Not all kinds of colours and designs go well with your desired room theme. Usually something with a similar hue, or something that matches your furniture or your drapes. It gives the room a homely atmosphere that sticks onto memory.

theme final


Symmetry is key

Maintaining some symmetry in your living space, by using matching pillow cases and playing around with a little color. By maintaining Symmetry, you stimulate the Temporal Lobe in the Cerebral Cortex of your brain(Yes it is real :P), which enables creative thinking, and also helps with long term memory.



Be a little Tech Savvy

Love using your phone? Get your needles out and stitch out your favorite apps. Yes, you read that right.

tech savvy


You might even make a pillow of your favorite little game characters to show off your little fan love!


Showcase them

Apart from being tech savvy and having your own Appillow collection, you can display them in cubby holes, or to even cover up Messy Glass cabinets with these little pillows.



Sleep Time

If you’ve ever been in a Ball pit, you know just how fun they are. They’re basically a swimming pool of plastic balls. So give yourself into the same fun, or let your children get the feeling that they’re one with Nature, by putting up these Pebble pillows. They look the part, and they come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s one for Everyone!



Gather round

We Indians have a proud history, of eating with our hands, and sitting on the floor. Now suppose you run out of places to seat your guests, placing Floor pillows will not only make it more comfortable for them, but also less awkward. You have all the space to move around on the floor, and unlike your Couch, people can be seated as they please.





floor pill

 You can even lay them out like Sofas, so you can save some furniture space and free up your window sills for some other kind of decoration.





What’s in a Name?

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes, languages and letters, so you can hang, or place your Family initials on the wall, as a little stuffed pillow. With the right color combination on your wall paint, they stand out well, and add a homely Atmosphere. They’re also not that hard to make yourself! They’re a nice way to put old pants and shirts to good use.



[box] You can even tag them together to make peppy words. Studies suggest that the more you see, or are exposed to a word or a thought, it gets incorporated into your train of thought.[/box]












These are how you can make your pillows not so boring.We help you grab some of these online. Go online and get the best out of the best.

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