Yes, the world, as we know it, is going through an Intense phase of Global Warming, and we Eco-Geeks are doing our best to save and protect it to the extents that we can. Although, you don’t have to be an Environmental Activist to plant a seed.

Plants don’t ask for much. They’re not that hard to grow, maintain, and apart from being pretty, they Generate a Healthy atmosphere around you. They give the Oxygen we breathe. (Some say they are also very good listeners!)

Studies show that people who live around greenery are Happier, Healthier, Generous, have better self-discipline, and experience better mental health.

There’re a lot of ways you can add greenery to your living space, even if you don’t have a Large lawn or Gardening space.


Apart from stating the obvious, Pots are easier to clean, move around, are interchangeable, so you can buy or use a bigger pot if necessary.


[box] Don’t forget to keep a plate below for the water, and to change the soil once a while! They can be placed in unused corners.[/box]


Old Jars

Instead of throwing away those old Bournvita jars, Yoghurt containers, Take-out Containers, Buckets, tin cans and PET bottles, you can use them as little pots and Plant away!







Hang them

Hang tiny pots off the roof, on the inside, or bottles on the outside. This can be for interior gardening, and looks extremely pleasant. Works well on creepers, for Mint and fruit like Tomato and Strawberry.

hang 1 hang2


Creepers have a tendency to well, Creep. They can stick onto rough walls, and sometimes you can even add a support or two, as a helping Hand. You could also keep them atop your wall, so that they can droop, so when you enter your house, it might look like entering a cave!

Something Fishy

Glass aquariums serve as good pots. You can use them to plant little saplings and shrubberies around the house. Adding a little coloured sand adds a little zing to it.



Pipe Away

Another innovative idea, that I got to see up-close, was this beautiful home style terrace cultivation, of vertical pipe gardening. PVC pipes can be easily cut, and bent with heat. This provides plentiful cultivation in places with scanty space, and can be either hung or placed on the ground.


You need not be educated of the benefits of greenery inside. But yeah it could invite insects to your haven. Nonetheless, it sure churns up the elegance.Snake plants, Spider plant, Ferns, Betel Leaf, Money Tree, and some flowering plants can all be grown indoors. Lemongrass can also be grown if it is tended with a little care, and if you’re ready to devote some time and go all out, you might even have your little Bonsai Garden! Doing this might even shave some cash off your Grocery expenses.