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Things You need to know about Wireless Charging

It sounds like a magic, doesn’t it? Not anymore. Wide researches are conducted to fine tune this magical invention. Though it does not support most of the phones in the market as of now, it could be the next big thing.



Wireless charging enables smartphones to be charged without any cables, by just placing the phone on a charging platform.

If wireless charging is magic, then “magnet” is the spell. Alternating Current is produced on a conductor in a fluctuating electromagnetic field due to a phenomenon called “Electromagnetic Induction”.

Enough of theory. These are the points to look out for.

  • No plugging. Just toss ’em to the surface and sit the sack.
  • Durable as there is no wear and tear. It’s all in the air folks.
  • Inefficient in terms of slow charging and heating. Surely, there’ll be improvements.
  • Too expensive now for manufacturers to provide such provision to their existing smartphones.
  • Limited Range – Wireless, but it still has to be placed on the charging pad. NO GAP !
  • It’s perfectly harmless to the human bodies.


There you go. The super technology that is going to let you charge any device, anywhere in the room, sometime in the future.


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