The most important phase in many of our lives, that we face, is moving out, or away. For most of us, who aren’t from the city, or with offices located in the outskirts, or if you want your privacy and if you work at odd hours, the main choice is to rent your own place.

Renting your own place, is Nirvana if you’re a fresh Graduate, or if you’re a working professional that likes to party, or have your own personal place of your own.

If you are not of the aforementioned category, and you’re planning to shift to a rented space for the first time, or if this isn’t your first time renting a new space of your own, the following guidelines will help you make the best of your circumstances, and will act as a checklist.

Research the Area

If you’re looking for convenience, and you want a place near your family members or workplace, this is not essentially a criterion.

But researching about the Area gives you helpful insights into your new prospective neighbourhood. The kind of roads, public recreational areas, the amount of strays, hospitals, departmental stores, restaurants, frequency of public transport, nearby landmarks, access roads, security and the like. Researching about your area gives you helpful insights into how much suited it is to you.



Even if you want to look for houses in an area you’ve already decided upon, selected parts of the Area are better in some respect to you, so looking around the neighbourhood is always a good idea.

[box] But also realize that sometimes, the more convenient the area, the more the noise and pollution.[/box]


Prepare a checklist of your requirements

Making a checklist of your requirements can help narrow down your perspective places of occupation. Not all rented spaces can be perfect for you. Make sure you confirm on all your prerequisites. Discuss Parking spaces, pets and tolerance for guests and gatherings. Availability of maids, laundry and proximity to hangouts are also critical. It’s good to plan such requirements beforehand, and confirm with the landlord, since it alleviates misunderstandings and quarrels and other issues.



Narrow down on your budget

Yes, it’s nice to shoot for the stars so that you can at least reach the moon, but money is one major factor that controls the condition of your existence. Choosing an overly expensive place to live in might feel great, and you might feel rich and posh, but in the long run, if your rent costs more than 40% of your earnings, you’ll have to live on a very tight budget and compromise on your luxuries and your spending. So choose your rent budget wisely.

Feel free to use this image, just link to www.SeniorLiving.Org


Plan your space

It’s always a good idea to check out actual dimensions, to see where and how all your appliances fit, where you have power outlets, and how comfortable the living space is, to you.




Water is life. And hence, because of this reason, water is a very important criterion to consider. Frequency and quality of water supply, and the water pressure in the taps all around the house are very important for the sake of convenience.



Consider if Lease/Rent

Investigate if the place is available for Lease(Large lump-sum pay before occupation) or if it is available on a rent basis. Also make sure that you can depend upon the Landlord, that your money is safe, and also if you can depend upon him.

Consider and discuss Rent increase in frequency and amount, as these are Vital factors in your living outcome.

File photo dated 25/12/08 of estate agent to let signs. Private rents have become unaffordable in more than half of local authorities in England, research from Shelter found today. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Thursday October 13, 2011. The charity said average private rents are beyond the means of 'ordinary' families in 55% of local authorities. Homes were found in these areas which cost more than 35% of the median average local take-home pay - the level considered by the Shelter Private Rent Watchreport to be unaffordable. See PA story MONEY Rent. Photo credit should read: Paul Faith/PA Wire


Future Proofing

A lot of thoughts must go into this, since you should make sure that it will be easy for guests of all ages to get to your house, and to do so, safely.

Safety railings, possibility of adding storage spaces, and the nature and quantity of you guests must be well thought out.




Damage control

You can ask if your Landlord/previous Tenant is going to refurbish the Apartment (Re-painting, Cleaning up the fittings, fix up cracks or drilled holes, and the like.)

[box] Also make sure that, if anything is promised, that it happens before you move in, or before you sign the agreement.[/box]

In any case that the landlord doesn’t comply to your conditions, you can ask for a reduction in your security deposit, and you can make a list of the stuff that has gone bad, so that it wouldn’t be fixed at your expense.





If you’re approaching the property, through a reality consultant or, in other words, a Broker, you can set up some ground rules on fees, and make sure that you end the deal before it goes South and clear it off. Or instead you could use various apps including housing which lists out properties in the nearby area and directly links you with the owner.

man hand holding paper house



Normally, for students and working professionals, renting a place always pose a confusion among PG and hostels. Moreover it is gonna be their homes for quite some time. Therefore toil now and worry not later.