There’s Certain aura about every Classic man and a Classy woman. They just know that they look good. They get Glances and Stares, sometimes even a wink or a comment.

But bow down to Their Strength and their Weakness,

The Mighty Mirror.

There’s no denying that, provided you’re all alone, there’s nothing stopping you from tidying your hair, however elegant it looks, or brushing off your look, or, with the child in most of us, make funny faces at it.

You go from admire to Narcissist, and if time stood still?

You could be there all day.

However, things don’t work out that way, but mirrors do.

Mirrors are the most versatile decoration to your house. And Here’s a bunch of ways you can make the best of them.

 Full-size Mirrors


Full size Mirrors

Walking out of the shower with your towel barely covering your body?

Watch yourself in all your beautiful form. Spend some time watching yourself, talking to yourself and of course, brightening up your own day!


Have some fun shining light and lasers into people and of course, watch yourself while you dance to your shower jams!

There’s also no denying that Mirrors light up a room, since they reflect more light, and this makes your room feel less gloomy and more fresh and airy!


Get your funk on


Diamond or circle mirrors

Now that you know what an effect Mirrors have in a room, there’s plenty of ways you can light it up.

Just don’t take it to the point of making it look like a solar farm, because that in turn warms up your house, and sends out a sense of glare, which normally isn’t the best you can say about someone’s living or sleeping space.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so you can go for Diamond or circle ones as shown.


General Decorating Mirrors






You can also opt for general purpose mirrors that do the trick. These serve no actual purpose of helping you see your reflection, but in turn, help smarten up a dull wall or an empty spot.




Rectangular mirrors

Rectangular mirrors


spruce up your bedroom with rectangular mirrors like this


Pebble style mirrors like this brighten up your living space


Concave mirrors help you get a zoomed view of your face while you’re in there!6