Chances are you would not know it by the name, but you have definitely seen and been awed by beautiful ceilings. Not sure what we are talking about? Take a look




In most of the cases you know the ceiling of a building is made of concrete. And as you probably guessed it, concrete ceilings aren’t that pretty. So, people came out with a secondary ceiling that would conceal all electrical wirings and imperfections of the concrete ceiling and also facilitate centralised air conditioning. Hence the term “false”ceiling.




False ceiling is made of a combination of POP, Gypsum, MDF, Wood, Laminate or even texture paints. It is not so strong.



  • Air trapped between the actual concrete ceiling and false ceiling provides high insulating preoperty. Therefore, Regulates temperature during summer and winter. A boon in hotter regions.
  • Occupies unusable area of a room, therefore can be elegantly decorated without losing the utility space of the room. It could result in claustrophobia as well.
  • Availability of Fire-resistant ceilings really pushes the product a notch higher.
  • Providing Ventilation could pose a problem as it reduces the air circulation.

But who cares, when it’s bloody damn beautiful, isn’t it?


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